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Traveling on the island.... on foot, by bike, by scooter or by car... there is something for all tastes!

The splendid island of Favignana, with the coves and pristine beaches of Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, with the tuff quarries and underground gardens, with the green and lush vegetation, is truly the ideal location to treat yourself to a holiday together during the summer to family, friends or as a couple.

To truly regenerate yourself and treat yourself to moments of fun and happiness, I Pretti R.T.A. of Favignana offers you the possibility of renting a city or mountain bike, a moped or scooter, or a car for your entire stay, or just for a few days.

In this way, thanks to maps of the island that we will also give you upon your arrival at the hotel, you will have the opportunity to quickly reach even the most hidden and difficult to reach coves.

If you are interested in receiving information for Liberty Lines, company of the Egadi islands, or would like to book the Trapani/Favignana ferry now, ask for information via email at info@iprettiresort.it and upon your arrival on the island of Favignana, Sicily, you will find at I Pretti R.T.A. the scooter, jeep or bicycle rented for your stay, when booking the hotel write to us about the rental!

Traveling by vehicle to see the sunset at Punta Sottile, or reaching Punta Faraglione and Cala Graziosa in Favignana, such as the city bike or the mountain bike, the scooter or the jeep, in Favignana, is really convenient for being able to explore even the paths, the coves, the most scattered beaches of the island... and get lost... finding yourself again will really be child's play! Discover the beauty of a special holiday in Favignana, between Marettimo and Levanzo, all-inclusive holidays in Favignana on the Egadi islands! Only in this way will you truly feel the emotions, the adventure of the holiday, which will never abandon you during your stay in Favignana, the splendid Egadi island in Sicily! Click in our section dedicated to special offers and packages, all inclusive and last minute to enjoy your beach holidays in the Egadi islands for next summer!

In Favignana, during your stay, you will have the opportunity to rent:

- the city or mountain bike: ideal for those who love calm, relaxing rhythms and healthy walks in the clean, healthy air of Favignana
- the scooter or moped, for those who don't even think about pedaling, and choose adventure, adrenaline and comfort
- the jeep or off-road vehicles, for those who really love comfort and well-being on holiday!

And also... during your summer holiday in Favignana, you will certainly have to try excursions and boat trips, because otherwise what kind of holiday is it?

An island must be experienced as such... certainly contemplating the coast from the sea will be a completely different story...

ask us for advice, information, reservations for boat rental in Favignana or to go on excursions and outings with the island's fishermen!

I Pretti R.T.A. organizes the boat trip of your dreams during your holiday! Furthermore, during your active holiday you will have the opportunity to participate in popular festivals and events in Favignana summer, and thanks to the numerous archaeological itineraries you will discover the culture and history of the Egadi islands.

Just ask our staff at reception, available and attentive to the needs of each guest, and you will surely choose the sea excursion in Favignana that is right for you!

As a couple or during a holiday with family and children in Favignana, well-being on board, the smell of the sea and the water, the sweet song of the seagulls, the sense of freedom darting on the waves and the magic that a mask gives for a dive into the blue…

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