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La porta sul mare ristorante favignana
Restaurant "La porta sul mare"

It was born in 2023 from the long restaurant experience of the owners Claudio and Manuela, who, madly in love with the island of Favignana and frequenting it assiduously, decided to open this place to bring their idea of catering to the island.
After various proposals over the years as holidaymakers, they found in the historic structure of "i Pretti Resort", linked to the Florio family, that corner of paradise that more than any other would represent their philosophy.
Strengthened by their experience, they conquered locals and tourists from the first months of activity, delighting customers with Plateau di Crudi to make their heads spin, traditional dishes that smell of grandmothers from times gone by and an intelligent wine list studied on their proposal culinary to satisfy the most demanding palates.
They are thus placed among the best realities of Favignana, becoming one more reason to pay a visit to the Egadi Islands.