The Fata Morgana Suite at I Pretti R.T.A welcomes you with exclusive interiors and comfortable services.

The environment includes a bedroom with a four-poster double bed, as well as a spacious sitting room with a sitting corner (equipped with a small kitchen cupboard for snacks), sofa and desk.

The Fata Morgana Suite takes its name from the world of superstition and Sicilian popular beliefs. In ancient times it was believed that some hallucinations and the vision of columns, palaces, forests, in the open sea, in correspondence with the Strait of Messina or the island of Favignana, were the work of the Fata Morgana to confuse the sailors, who were confused by the movement of all those aerial castles, thinking of landing in the ports of Messina or Reggio, they were shipwrecked along the coast, thus falling into the arms of the terrible fairy. These truly singular optical phenomena really occur in the Strait of Messina and on the island of Favignana.