Massages and treatments... made pampered in lovely surroundings...

During your holiday at I Pretti R.T.A. Favignana, one of the three magnificent Egadi, give yourself the ultimate in relaxation with Spa directly to your room!

The luxury in privacy... only I Pretti R.T.A. Favignana!

I Pretti R.T.A. gives you the chance to give you moments of intense well-being in your room in your suite ...

We offer you the best treatments Wellness & Relax directly in your suite, to find well-being and inner peace, in a marriage of total rest and regeneration.

During your stay at I Pretti R.T.A. , you will find a small oasis of comfort in the privacy of your room, with everything you want to find balance, inner harmony and deep relaxation.

Request then a massage, body treatment, a relaxing background music and herbal tea ... after a day between the beaches and the magnificent coves of Favignana!


Relaxing Massage - Duration 50 minutes - € 65.00

The relaxing massage is to release tension both physical and mental. It balances the mood, better sleep quality, promotes good circulation.

Oriental Massage - Ayurvedic - Duration 65 minutes - € 80.00

From the ancient oriental disciplines (Ayurveda, Shiatsu, Thai) has this original massage that is performed on the whole body with ayurvedic oils and various manual specifications according to the person's needs. Indicated to recreate the harmony between body, mind and spirit, in order to reconcile the energies.

Draining leg massage - Duration 35 minutes - € 40.00

Promotes the flow of the nymph in the lymphatic system, it helps eliminate water retention. Purifies the body and relaxes the muscle fibers. Slimming, firming.

Relaxation Massage back - neck - Duration 35 minutes - € 40.00

Acts on the muscles of the lower back, shoulders, arms and neck, dissolving tension and stiffness caused by stress, fatigue and seasonal climatic factors.

Hydrating facial treatment - Duration 45 minutes - € 35.00

Regenerates the skin on your face repairing the effects of sun exposure. It includes a deep cleansing, peeling, specific mask, massage with essential oils and moisturizing creams.

Coconut body treatment - Duration 60 minutes - € 65.00

body scrub with scrub coconut powder. It nourishes and cleanses the skin leaving it soft and fragrant.

Massage Candle - Duration 50 minutes - € 50.00

The treatment consists of massaging the body with the material resulting from the fusion of an aromatic candle. This is not simple wax candles, but of vegetable oil, particularly by nourishing and moisturizing properties. Snug to the body, stimulating the senses, relaxes the mind.

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi - Duration 60 minutes - € 70.00

It is the traditional Hawaiian massage using slow, rhythmic movements with the hands and forearms. The movements are inspired by the cyclical nature and grace of the waves accompanied by the use of special oils and essences, and the background of Hawaiian music and rhythms.