Florio Palace - Favignana

Palazzo Florio - Favignana

Visit to Florio palace - Favignana

Favignana is rich in monuments and places of interest that you can visit during your stay. First of all, and you will notice just arrived on the island by hydrofoil, is the Florio palace.

It is a magnificent building in the Gothic Revival style built in 1878 and designed by one of the most famous architects of Damiani Almeyda. Although appearing externally as a mansion and aristocratic, inside the staid style of Gothic Revival is made more lightweight and at the same time elegant furniture from art nouveau and beautiful wrought iron work of Oreta Florio foundry.

The Florio palace was connected by underground to Pretti where the kitchens were connected, the stables and servants' rooms. The palace was not only the residence of the Florio family, but also a place where they were hosted celebrities invited to Favignana during the massacre, the bloody and similarly impressive tuna fishing.

The palace was not just a fashionable holiday destination and for the Florio family and its guests, but also a refuge from the stress and sorrows of life. Right here Donna Franca spent a long time after the death of his daughter Giovanna.

A visit to the Florio palace, recently restored, is certainly an unforgettable experience to breathe the air of history and art that offers unique emotions.