Castle Santa Caterina - history of Favignana

Forte di santa Caterina - storia di Favignana

The castle Santa Caterina - Favignana - Egadi islands

The castle St. Catherine, which you can immediately see when you arrive at the port of Favignana, is a castle that stands on the highest peak of the mountain on the island of the same name.

The castle St. Catherine, built with large ocher tuff bricks, brings together a story particularly intersected with peoples Normans in Sicily and the island's history itself.

Count Roger II, who was later crowned King of Sicily in 1130 dall'antipapa Anacleto II, in 1123 he was about to assemble at Marsala, on the west coast of Sicily, its fleet of 300 ships and its militias to leave Africa at a time in search of new conquests.

Three years prior to this historic event, Roger II with a Royal Edict had determined that the island of Favignana was fortified with the building, around the Arab towers, three castles that centuries later will take the names of St. Catherine, St. James and San Leonardo.

If, then, the first fortifications date back to Norman times, it must, subsequently, to Andrea Riccio ladies island, the building of the castle (and probably its present form) in 1498.

Until now the fortress of Santa Caterina was not yet used as a place of punishment.

Everything began a few centuries later, when in fact it is considered the island of Favignana fossa is Saint Catherine.