The coves and beaches

Summer in Favignana - Egadi

The island of Favignana, unlike Levanzo and Marettimo, which however are always part of the Egadi Islands, west of Sicily, is an island characterized by coasts and bays, more or less jagged coves and beaches, some more docile other less easy to achieve. Among white sand, pebbles, coves and bays, Favignana presents its guests with a really wide panorama of landscapes, vegetation and color.

Sand beaches in Favignana

During your stay in Favignana, you'll have the opportunity to turn all the beaches and coves of the island by renting a bicycle, electric bike, scooter or car.

If you are lovers of sand and sandy beaches, Favignana you will most certainly make a stop during your vacation on the island, in Cala d'Azur, famous for its beautiful clear waters and Lido Burrone of which you can make use of the proposed convention to I Pretti R.T.A. , one of the few beaches on the island and, perhaps, of all the three Egadi islands.

Close to our R.T.A. , a few meters away, in front of the port of the island, there is the Praia, sandy beach of the island, really a few meters even by Florio.

Evocative and the really unique shades is also the sandy beach of Marasolo.

The most beautiful and famous beaches of the island of Favignana - Egadi

Surely, during your stay in Favignana, you can not miss a day of sun, sea and emotions to the famous Cala Rossa which is known as one of the most beautiful bays of the island and definitely, Sicily.

extraordinary colors, unique scents and greenery, but the great peculiarity is to be surrounded by an area rich in clay pits: a bath in this cove, able to immerse the visitor in a unique natural setting, such as an offshore pool , not to be missed.

Near Cala Rossa, towards the southern part of the island of Favignana, you'll also find the Bue Marino bays, Punta Marsala, so called because you can see the city of Marsala on the Sicilian coast, Cala Azzurra, Lido Burrone and then the "Calamoni" which are the perfect area for those who love rocks and white sand.