The island

The Egadi archipelago, located 15 miles west from the coast of Sicily, including the islands of Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo and Maraone islets and Formica.

The climate is mild and dry in the spring months, while the long and warm summers are mild, with a pleasant sea breeze in the alternation of the north wind, north-east wind, sirocco, foehn and mistral.

Since 1999, with its 1,523 square kilometers, the Egadi Archipelago is the largest marine reserve in Italy, and the sea, to the hydrodynamic conditions of the seabed, is among the clearest and cleanest in the Mediterranean.

An unforgettable holiday in Favignana - Summer 2018

  1. The island of Favignana, unlike Levanzo and Marettimo, which however are always part of the Egadi Islands, west of Sicily, is an island characterized by coasts and bays, more or less jagged coves and beaches, some more docile other less easy to achieve. Among white sand, pebbles, coves and bays, Favignana presents its guests with a really wide panorama of landscapes, vegetation and color.
  2. "At the time Florio, the day of the massacre, the women descended on the dock wrapped in their shawls blacks, accompanied by children, to await the arrival of the boats and to see disembark the mammoth marine beasts that tuna fishermen dragged by the tail until the establishments. this was the last act of a ritual that has been handed down virtually unchanged for centuries, according rigidly predetermined patterns ... "- from" Donna Franca Florio ", Anne Pomar
    Favignana is rich in monuments and places of interest that you can visit during your stay.
  3. Favignana is an island which gathers together so many opportunities to live a truly amazing holiday during your stay at I Pretti R.T.A. . In fact, every day you will have the possibility to discover new beaches, coves, caves on the island of Favignana, but also give yourself a few days of fun including boating, sailing boat with the fishermen of the island, for the fishing tourism, or you can visit the other two islands Egadi, Marettimo and Levanzo!
  4. The islands Egadi Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo are served by the Siremar and Ustica Lines hydrofoils and catamarans departing from the ports of Trapani, Naples and Marsala. The ticket offices are located in front of the pier from which they pass the means. Once you arrived at the port of Favignana, able to reach the hotel in a few minutes, because the Favignana harbor is from I Pretti R.T.A. about 150 meters.