How to experience the island of Favignana

Travelling on the island... on foot, by bicycle, scooter or car... there is something for all tastes!

The beautiful island of Favignana, with coves and pristine beaches of Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, with limestone caves and underground gairdini, with green and lush vegetation, is really the ideal place to treat yourself to a vacation during the summer together to family, friends or in pairs.

To regenerate really all the way and treat yourself moments of fun and happiness, I Pretti Favignana R.T.A. offers you the opportunity to rent for your entire stay, or just for a few days, the city or mountain bike, moped or scooter, or machine.

In this way, thanks to the island maps that we will deliver to your arrival at the hotel, guests can quickly reach even the most hidden coves and difficult to reach.

If you are interested in receiving information or want, at the time of your arrival on the island, find I Pretti R.T.A. scooter, jeep or bicycle rental car for your stay, at the time of hotel booking write us about the car!

Turn with half, as may be the city bike or mountain bike, scooter or jeep, Favignana, it is really convenient to be able to also explore the trails, the bays, the most dispersed beaches and ... miss ... so find himself will be a piece of cake! Only then really feel the emotions, the holiday adventure, which never abandon you during your stay in Favignana, the beautiful island of Egadi in Sicily!

At Favignana, during your stay, you will have the possibility to rent:

• the city or mountain bike: Ideal for those who enjoy the quiet rhythms, relaxing and healthy walks in the air clean and healthy Favignana

• the scooter or moped, for those who just do not even think of riding, and choose the adventure, the adrenaline and comfort

• jeep or off-road, for those who really love the convenience and well-being on vacation!

And also ... during your summer holiday in Favignana, you'll certainly try hiking and boat trips, because otherwise what holiday is?

An island must be experienced as such... definitely contemplate the coast from the sea, it will be another story...

ask us for advice, information, reservations for boat rentals in Favignana or for excursions and outings with the fishermen of the island! 

I Pretti R.T.A. organizes the trip by boat of your dreams, surante your holiday! Just ask our friendly staff at reception, helpful and attentive to the needs of each guest, and definitely choose the excursion at sea Favignana right for you!

The well-being on board, the smell of the sea and water, the sweet song of the gulls, the feeling of freedom on the waves dashing and magic that gives a template for a dip in the blue...