"Mother nature offers lunch"

This is the motto of Rosario, son of the island's fishing tradition, grandson of tonnaroti and great connoisseur of the same.

In reality Favignana and its sea offer Rosario 'only' the raw, extraordinary and unique material, which in its hands relives a second life passing from the nets to the stoves of the open kitchen handcrafted by Rosario built on his Cristian II.

The fishing boat on board which you can enjoy a 'tasteful' experience in all its many facets together with your Captain Chef / Craftsman of the sea who will make you live and savor the true art of fishing and the privilege of enjoying his , your catch, which together with him you will have sailed with nets at the beginning of the fishing-tourism excursion and that Rosario will have cooked / prepared with wisdom directly on board and in a short time to offer you a rich and unique menu every day, which varies from network to network, just for you.

Not just a simple tour of the island, but a real tasting of the island, from the thrill of seeing the live fish come up and flip on board, to the taste of savoring its unique and unforgettable essence, passing through the priceless pleasure of diving in turquoise bodies of water and take endless baths in quiet and sheltered corners, framed by tuff and limestone rocks steeped in history and far from mass tourism, while in the air the scents and aromas of fish are released at METRO 0, artfully prepared by Rosario, only for you.