The caves and snorkeling in Favignana

Escursioni di snorkeling e punti di immersione per sub a Favignana

Snorkeling and diving spots for diving in Favignana

Many guests who each summer decide to spend their holidays in Sicily and in Favignana thanks to the many points as possible to do snorkeling and scuba diving.

Certainly the most famous landmark is the Galeotta, from which you can visit several shoals of bream and salps, octopus and moray eels. Another ideal location for beginners, is the cave of Cala Rotonda, where once again be able to admire the seabed by intense shades.

Caves and coves less busy

For those who love to dive, for those who love relaxation and absolute silence at the beach, for those who wish to relax comfortably on your beach towel reading a book.... I also recommend the coves and the quietest and least visited island Favignana, which you can consider during your summer holiday.

Punta Faraglioni is definitely one of the coves of rocks and sand, small pebbles, most beautiful, is completely located in the north and be able to reach it comfortably by bicycle or a motorbike or car. Just across the tunnel that bisects the island...

Another beautiful location is definitely Punta Sottile, so named because it is exactly that end of the island is also home to the lighthouse. This area is popular mainly because it is the ideal place to watch the sunset, with various shades of red, orange, yellow, indigo.... and the profile in the distance one can also see the third largest island of the Egadi Marettimo.

This beach, Punta Sottile, is also ideal for spending time on the beach with family and children.